Posted: April 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

What is the definition of ‘Yo’? It can possess several different meanings depending on the intonation one uses. How many more times can a person say ‘YO’ in one night without getting berated or ostracized, labeled and looked down upon as a hoodlum galavanting the streets? Well, it looks like this Saturday night you can test yo’ skills in the comfort of your own kind, showcasing your limited vocabulary by attending YO YO YO! I kid, we hip hop kids are deep thinkers, smart and witty! Look, I’m just talking shit…let’s move on!

The kids at Stolen Records Fbi 94.5fm present to you a night of dope ass hip hop party jams from back in the day till now. You’ll find a good dose of yes hippity hop, dancehall and….wait for it (drum roll) New Jack Swing – minus all the crack! What’s even more enticing is that it’s only $5  bucks!


DJ’s on the night are Bad Ezzy (Hoops), Joyride (Spit Syndicate) and the infamous fbi Stolen Records fellas Donny Trump and Shantan Wantan Ichiban! Come check this out this Saturday night, 1st of May at Bright ‘N’ Up Bar, corner Oxford and Riley Street.

I hope they play BBD’s POISON! Yo! Yo! YOoooo!


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