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This track has got to be one of my all time FAVOURITE classic songs ever produced by eccentric musician Todd Rundgren called ‘Hello it’s me’, originally released in 1968 by American pop rock group THE NAZZ, which Rundgren was a member of. The mid tempo re-release of “Hello it’s me” on Rundgren’s solo record peaked at number 5 in the Billboard charts in 1973 and due to my unwavering healthy obsession with this track, I thought I’d post this and the many renditions by contemporary pop artists to date. This song is far superior in its 2nd re-production found on Rundgren’s solo album, but listen to the original composition by The Nazz, followed by the scores of different versions provided below. The lyrics are quite special too! I was tempted to post the lyrics, but without the melody, you wouldn’t be able to comprehend the emotions this song evokes, so I won’t post it.

Just listen.

Todd Rundgren

Born in Pennsylvania, Todd Rundgren  is a uniquely talented multi-instrumentalist blessed with a gift for pop melodies playing the saxophone, drums, piano, bass and guitar. I have to hear this at least once a day, much like the Nu soul/Hip Hop outfit Foreign Exchange but that group deserves a blog of their own VERY SOON!!

Original Version: “Hello, it’s me…” BY NAZZ (1968)

Todd Rundgren: “Hello, it’s me…” (1973) Due to violation, the song was taken off youtube. This live version will have to do. If you get the chance to listen to his studio album version, do it. Brilliant song!

ISELY BROTHERS version “Hello, it’s me…” (1974)

Lani Hall version “Hello, it’s me…” (1975)

Groove Theory version “Hello, it’s me…” (1995)

John Legend version “Hello, it’s me…”

Mary J. Blige version “Hello, it’s me…”

This last video is just for acoustic musical appreciation sung by youtuber Kendall Park:

When I have the energy, one day I’ll exhaustively post a blog on artists from the past that have helped shape my musical tastes heavily influenced by my parents taste in music. Everything from The Platters, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson to The Byrds, The Beatles, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, The Styx, Isely Brothers, Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach, The Bee Gees, 10cc, Chicago, Alan Parsons Project…yes, I could go on like any person who enjoys music would….but I won’t.

  1. An says:

    Nice post! Isley brothers one has always been a fav, didnt realise there were this many versions

  2. initiation75 says:

    thanks for collecting all these versions of the song. i didn’t realize it had been covered so much. what baffles me is how little a lot of his other cover-worthy songs have been interpreted by other musicians.

  3. DIOLA says:

    Glad you guys enjoyed the read. These covers are no where near as good as TR’s version on his solo album. I’ve yet to check out which songs other artists have reworked of his. He is truly underrated or is not getting enough love and respect in the industry.

  4. lauren says:

    Are you capable to guidebook me personally in your website owner or perhaps the dude who looks after your blog, I must determine if it could be possible to be described as a guest poster.

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