So here it is…finally my first blog! Why start a blog you may wonder? All I want to do is share. Simple. No strings attached. I go back to my place, and you go back to yours. If not, invite me in to stay longer and we’ll go from there…

It’s a stones throw away from facebook and in saying that, I do hope that I eventually minimize the amount of unproductive time spent on that mind numbing ’social’ utility. I spend many nights reading up on blog after blog, discovering new and exciting artists from all around the world, which ends up on facebook, pissing people right off with the amount of entries I have in one week (not that anyone has complained yet).

Instead of being conspicuous on facebook, I’d rather build my online presence where I won’t be distracting people on a regular basis. You chose to read me or not. I find that there are just too many things to discover, ideas and causes that need sharing…

What you’ll find on this blogsite are articles that I find interesting within my hometown of Sydney and around the world encompassing all that is artsy – fartsy, creative, fun to thought provoking, articles with light to medium political persuasion shedding light to the fact that we’ve a long way to go before we can all walk side by side as equals, to music. A large portion will be focused on MUSIC from hip hop to nu jazz, neo soul, nu soul and old crooners that have influenced contemporary music, help shaping the industry to what it is today. Then again, I could be talking about you and your three legged dog, or pimping my Hip Hop/soul/reggae fusion band 5 Coffees. Heck, wherever the wind blows, there I’ll be….

If I’m thinking about you, I’ll be talking about you…


  1. “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

    “All that spirits desire, spirits attain.”

    “Out of my deeper heart a bird rose and flew skywards.
    Higher and higher did it rise, yet larger and larger did it grow.
    At first it was but like a swallow, then a lark, then an eagle, then as vast as a spring cloud, and then it filled the starry heavens.
    Out of my heart a bird flew skywards. And it waxed larger as it flew. Yet it left not my heart.”

    “Words are timeless. You should utter them or write them with a knowledge of their timelessness.”

  2. DIOLA says:

    Wise words sir! And I thank you! Words carry responsibility and I must nurture and cultivate!

    I’m a fan of Kahlil Gibran. His work Sand and Foam is amazing and I’ve referred to the last quote ‘Words are timeless’ a number of times as the foundation for my writing.

    🙂 Thank you for the encouragement!

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