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SO…I’ve been told that my blogs are quite epic – length wise. I’ll try to keep it short and snappy! Just don’t expect a lady to change over night!

You need to get familiar with this 29 year old producer who hails from Switzerland: CHIEF THE BEATMAKER! As a producer, his production is hip hop of the off beat kind, with a good splash of jazz, soul and electronica. I can’t remember how I came across this producer last year, but I remember really vibing to his production from the moment I logged on to his myspace page. I recently (as in two minutes ago) became alarmed at the fact that on his myspace page it reads CHIEF MYSPACE RIP. What does this mean? I don’t know. I’ve tried googling what the deal is, whether RIP is a reference to a new production, fearing it may be what it means. Last time Chief logged on to his myspace was  on the 11th of June, 2010, therefore I am going to dismiss the RIP since the internet has not released anything of the sort. I really fear to speculate the worst so let’s move on…

Many in the industry would consider him an up and coming producer and for a newbie, he certainly has an envious list of artists he has collaborated with. Chief has worked beat production for artists such as Blu, Sene, Abstract Rude, Kenn Starr, El Da Sensai, Kay – Dee, Moka Only from Swollen Members and Les Nubians to name a few. In 2005, he teamed with a friend creating the independent Swiss label Feelin’ Music which was then launched in 2009, opening the flood gates of international collaborations and international attention especially from the well respected and admired Shaman Works label, providing beats for  the highly anticipated compilation CD “Shaman Work Retrospective” released in 2007. Cut to 2010, Feelin’ Music is not only being distributed worldwide by Traffic Entertainment Group, but is also now seeing an influx in high quality collabs which have yet to be released.

Chief has recently  remixed the workings of internationally revered and legendary jazz pianist and multi-instrumentalist Chick Corea.

Chief is living and breathing music not only as a producer but is also member of the Swiss production duo team “Sushie F’lan” with female DJ/producer Ngoc Lan, has released two full length albums under his belt, with a vast list of premier collaborations to date.

Chief beatmaker is one boom bap producer you need to get familiar with!

Album trailer:

Isaac Hayes “I’m talking about the power of love”

Chief Instrumental Version of Pavement Special – Juss Yesterday