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I may be very late with this discovery, but I came across this dope ass track on youtube couple of days ago by a Canadian rapper who calls himself SHAD. This track posted below is off his new album released through independent Black Box Recording (May  2010). Little did I know that this 28 year old rapper already had a strong following around the world since his debut album in 2005 entitled ‘When this is Over’.

Bi-lingual Shad Kabango was born to Rwandan parents in the city of Kenya, then moved to London, Ontario. His first album was self made which gained him immediate respect and notoriety for his intensely politically charged lyrics. He featured his mother’s poetry which graphically depicts personal accounts of the political climate during the Rwandan genocide, in a track called ‘I’ll never understand’. It’s moving. Intense. Powerful.

His second album released in 2007 entitled ‘The Old Prince’ saw him receive two nominations  – one for a Juno Award and the other for the 2008 Polarize Music Prize award. Exclaim magazine picked his 2nd album in the top ten albums of 2007 whilst The National Post favoured him as ‘Canada’s best rapper’. If you’re looking for a conscious fresh mind, with phat beats and great word play than make sure you peep this fellow. I realized a consistent trait whilst listening to the last two albums of Shad – his humility. He’s definitely not prone to talking himself up, or bathing his witty antics in egotistical bravado – he’s real. He raps about what’s real to him, and if people don’t like it, he’s quick to respond with a ‘Meh’…

His upcoming 2010 album release called TSOL will feature this banging new single below. I lost my shit when I heard this: